Tuesday, February 12, 2019

SexySafy nude show

Is SexySafy really telling a lie, or does she just not really know the truth? When I staggered into her chat room my eyes nearly popped out of my head at the sight of her huge amazing breasts. Then I glanced at her profile and it claims she has C-Cups. WHAT??? I popped back over into her room and looked again. If those tits are not D-cup or larger I have lost my mind. In a couple moments I was no longer wondering whether I had lost my mind, because she had just made sure I did. When Safy started dancing to some sexy music and stripping off her clothes my mind went blank and my cock came alive. This woman as a slender little waist which makes her tits looks even bigger. When she spins around you are struck by the sexiness of her cute little ass. Her hazel colored eyes staring at you in a cam2cam session will drive you crazy. When she starts whispering that she wants you to cum while her fingers are knuckle deep in her pussy you are going to go insane. Are those tits really only C-cups? I never got around to asking her, since she made me so hot and horny. Why don’t you go see what you think?

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